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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Resolving SharePoint Lag Within Your Enterprise

By Joshua R Embry

SharePoint got you down?

Many companies that utilize SharePoint on an enterprise level can begin to experience errors and loading delays as the resource begins to be used more and more. Downtime costs you money, delays increase the time it takes to resolve your customer's issues. So what's the fix?

The primary method for resolving the SharePoint lag issue is allocation.

Ask your IT team the following questions:

Where is our SharePoint service hosted? Single or multiple servers?

How is our SharePoint service distributed? (Who accesses what portions?)

Can we off shift any of this content into an HTML intranet solution?

These questions will get your IT team's wheels turning and they may provide the solution you need.

The truth is, most companies host their SharePoint on one server, and point to it with a single link. This means, every user of your company is accessing the same file and the same server. Multiply this by your employee base and you've got a disaster in the brew. It's great that your company uses this resource to the point of creating lag, but now that it's effecting the products performance, it's time to act.

Rule #1: Separate Departments by Server

Simply move SharePoint portions to other servers. Have your sales team access one, and your admin access the other, etc. This is the easiest solution IF you have more than one server.

Rule #2: Stop hosting ALL of your content and files strictly within SharePoint

Most images or files can be hosted in a shared folder in your network, simply add a LINK to this file, instead of copying and moving the file onto SharePoint. Your ultimate goal, when applicable, should be to have your SharePoint be a link bank- avoid storing duplicate information, you may in fact be costing your company millions of dollars each year with double or triplicate information.

HTML can be used to store pictures or other content on your server, and will take some of the burden off of your SharePoint site. Any time you can link back to content hosted elsewhere, you save the strain on your system.

Rule #3: Assign someone to take out the trash

Just like at home, someone has to package and deliver the trash from inside your home... to the curb. Kick old data that is no longer needed to the curb. Are you hosting a short term project on SharePoint? Set expiration dates for content. Allow you Project Management team to "borrow" the space until the task is complete. Save and store your overall data somewhere else and delete the SharePoint content. Tip: SharePoint lets you export data in excel form- use this to save any needed data.

Have someone check the content of your SharePoint site weekly or monthly, any less often would be ineffective and any more would be costly.

By leveraging your available servers to spread out the work, limiting hosting files by direct-linking to content house elsewhere, and by deleting old information, you're SharePoint will be back in your good graces within a week.

Joshua Embry is the head content developer and programmer for and currently works in the Data and Analytics Department within Sprint Nextel.

Discover more ways you can save you business time and money with free resources at
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Best Trackable QR Codes

By Ronald N Kin

The origin of Quick Response Codes (QR codes) was from Japan for using the same for their automobile industry purposes. These are two dimensional matrix codes, encoding data both horizontally and vertically in a tiny square pattern. It is containing much more information about a product or a service in a tiny and compact manner. The readability of this brilliant code is different in the sense that this code can be read from any angle whereas the normal bar-code can only be read in their correct angle or alignment. The information embedded in the code itself will make it Quickly Responsive as the name indicates and directly launching the encoded application. Most of the new generation smart mobile phones & cameras are having the readability of such codes. You may see these new generation codes in the magazines, business cards, coupons or other advertising platforms which directly helps you to reach that brand's website. When we differentiate the Static QR code from the Dynamic code, we can understand that the static are always pointing to a same destination where as the dynamic code enables you to edit the destination of the code at your preference.

The Quick Response codes for the marketing strategies are said to be an innovative tool in the contemporary era. The quick responses will be making your website traffic increasing and generating more business leads. In fact you will be getting more business clients or customers who have reached or redirected your website through these encoded information or links contained in this smart code. When you unleashed a marketing campaign through the Quick Response codes, you will be eager to track the responses you have got from various sources. Here you are developing a system where you find the consumer behaviour to craft a set of offers suitable to your potential customers. A Track-able QR code helps you in getting connected with the mobile users for appropriate communications. You will be able to conduct a targeted marketing by intentionally delivering only the relevant information to a specific portion of your lead generated audiences.

The QR code tracking is primarily focusing on the number of times your codes are scanned. You will be tracking the particulars like who scanned the code, location of the customers and storing their necessary information. You will be also able to regularly update the destination of this code either to change the content or the URL s considering your mass media marketing purposes. There are IT solution companies providing services on developing and tracking Quick Response codes according to the client requirements. Some companies make use of tracking the responses through linking the technological platforms like Google Analytics or other on-line mediums. Only the best solution can capture and contain all the necessary information.

Create your own code in seconds with the KWIQRLINK generator. Our goal at KWIQRLINK is to ensure that the use of QR codes becomes an interactive marketing approach of displaying information for people to capture easily using their Smartphones and a free scanner application. For Trackable QR codes browse our site.
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How To Use VBA To Calculate Values In Excel From A List Containing Duplicates

By Andy L Gibson

Some of the most frequently used tools in Excel are formulas to calculate values from a list, such as totals and averages.

But sometimes you need to ignore certain values such as duplicates in the calculation and this article shows you how to create a formula which ignores duplicate numbers, using a few lines of standard VBA code.

Creating The Syntax For The Formula

We'll use an example of a list of numbers where you need the average of the unique values only.








In the real world, your situation may be different; it might be a list of names with linked values, or perhaps you need to ignore duplicated ID numbers but the concept is the same.

The syntax for the formula to average a list is placed in any cell, and is shown below.


The difficulty is that we need to ignore certain cells, but luckily we can write the formula as a comma delimited list to select specific addresses.


All we need now is some VBA code to identify unique values and use those cell addresses in our formula.

First, we'll select the range of cells and create two string variables.

Dim rng As Range

Set rng = ActiveCell.CurrentRegion

Dim vals As String

Dim adds As String

vals = ","

Now, we loop through the cells. Using the "instr" command, we add only unique numbers to the "vals" string and create a list of the cell addresses in the "adds" string.

vals = ","

For x = 2 To rng.Rows.Count

If InStr(vals, "," & rng.Rows(x) & ",") = 0 Then

vals = vals & rng.Rows(x) & ","

adds = adds & rng.Rows(x).Address & ","

End If
' remove the final comma

The string adds gives us a value of "$A$2,$A$4,$A$5,$A$6" which we can then use as a range in our formula.

Optionally, we've selected the range so we can see the cells selected, then we've created the formula in the cell below the final number.


Range("a" & rng.Rows.Count + 1).Formula = "=average(" & adds & ")"

Because this procedure finds the unique values first, the formula can then be any of the standard calculations provided in Excel, such as totals and minimums.

The challenge may be to use the code in other situations. For example, you may need to ignore values associated with duplicated ID numbers in which case you can use the offset command to get the cell address of the value rather than the ID.


This code highlights how you can use standard VBA code to improve the functionality of an existing Excel tool. Being able to fine tune your spreadsheet in just a few minutes can dramatically improve your productivity and efficiency.

Andy L Gibson is a an Excel developer and writer keen to bring the magic of VBA to non-programmers. His blog at holds the VBA code for all of his articles on Excel and is available for FREE download.
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How Do Control Panel Design Programs Work?

By Mike Barone

Electronic devices are designed and manufactured for performance, and sometimes the feature that will deliver the best performance does not improve usability. Fortunately, front panels are manufactured to make machines and other electronic devices easier to use. Front panels were first used on computers to display data and allow the operator to alter device memory. Today, the front panel contains a control panel that makes it possible for the operator to access push buttons, toggle switches, and indicator lights. When an organization needs to design custom control panels for their product and cannot do so internally, they outsource this task to a manufacturer of front panels and device enclosures.

Modern manufacturers of custom control panels have adopted newer computing technology to speed up the panel design process. These companies promise to deliver more precisely cut front panels, faster and more cost effectively, with the help of panel design programs. In fact, most companies have their own brand of design software that can be downloaded directly from the company's website. These programs are computer-aided design (CAD) programs that assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a panel design. Generally, a CAD program will output a completed design in the form of electronic or print files, using either vector based graphics or raster graphics.

A CAD-produced diagram is more than a drawing of shapes. This diagram needs to convey information to the front panel production company, so it will include materials, processes, and exact dimensions. In addition to being used to design control panels, CAD-based programs are also used for applications like shipbuilding and the aerospace industry, and are even used to produce computer animation for advertising and motion picture special effects. Engineers could not have even conceived of this technology back in the 1960s, but today manufacturers can design custom panels using these programs.

Manufacturers begin by utilizing CAD-based programs to design the control panel, adding measurements and features like rectangular cut-outs, color engravings, and drilled holes. The program allows customers to input precise measurements so they get the confidence that comes with knowing their panel will be customized exactly to the company's specifications. Since the panel design program works on exact specifications, customers also receive help with lighting controls, motor controls, automated systems, and tips for designing the basic electrical assembly.

One other major benefit of a CAD-based control panel design program is it helps customers save money. Each program will contain a feature that calculates costs as each element is added to the design. Thanks to this resource, customers can ensure a designed part will fit in the budget by receiving cost updates the second the customer adds a new design. This also makes it easier for the customer to determine which parts to remove if the project goes over budget.

Companies looking for custom control panels need to make sure these parts are designed accurately and inexpensively. By working with a manufacturer that allows customers to download a free panel design program, create a diagram of the part, and submit the design to the manufacturer, customers will effortlessly and cost-effectively create necessary panels.

A CAD-based control panel design program allows customers to create custom control panels.
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An Introduction to Java Programming Language

By Arindrajit Mampa Chakraborty

Java is proven to be much more superior to any other programming language mainly because of its platform independent features. Unlike C or C++, Java uses a special technology which is directly responsible for its platform independent functionalities. This is known as the Java virtual machine which creates a bytecode and from that an intermediate class file which can run on any machine which has the Java virtual machine on it. Another great feature about Java is that it does not support pointers like C, which can solve all the issues regarding computer viruses. Java boasts all the prime object characteristics like inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction and polymorphism which can be used to implement an extensive range of problems. The memory and time management for each program are also very organized and well-maintained. For the users, the software developers can also include a variety of attractive graphics, which was never possible for C or any other 16 bit computer language.

With Java comes the concept of class, which is very much different from the structures in C. This is basically because of the fact that, a class can support several features like data hiding and you can even declare a class to be an abstract one. Reusability of certain areas in the source code, is also important when it comes in dealing with large projects. With features inheritance, a programmer can reuse his/her data whenever and wherever they need these predefined codes. They can also add a number of variables and methods in all places without any restrictions. There is also another noticeable feature of Java. Java makes sure that each and every variable and objects which are created by constructors, are deleted after the program finishes its execution. In simpler words, Java boasts a mechanism for automatic garbage recovery and therefore restores the memory back to the heap. To add spice in the story, Java also enables a programmer to create software which can run on any real-time systems of several embedded devices like cellular phones. Many high definition games and useful applications are developed using Java programming language. Being an open source programming language, it enables a programmer to download the source code and implement it as per their requirements. Java also allows a student to learn about the original source code of Java. Indeed, Java is responsible for converting the virtual world behind the computers into reality.
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Choosing Your Perfect Computer Mouse

By Tony Jackson Newman

Have you ever tried using your desktop computer just through your keyboard? Of course it's never easy to access your desktop without a mouse. It is a vital computer peripheral that makes your work easier in the computing world. Invented by Douglas Engelbart, this amazing device has changed the way computers worked. Basically, there are three types of computer mouse such as mechanical, optomechanical, and optical. But, today there are many more to avail including infrared (IR) or radio frequency cordless mouse, mouse with many buttons, trackball mouse, stylus mouse, and cordless 3-D mouse. They all are available in different designs and shapes. It could be a tricky situation for you if you're looking to buy a computer mouse. Well, this article will make your search easier to choose the perfect one for you.

Essential Checkouts:-

Shape & Size: It is obvious that we use our computer mouse more often. A hard shaped mouse may result in muscle disorders within the wrist or fingers. So, choosing a comfortable mouse will make your work cozy. Look for the one that fits your palm. Make sure it maintains a neutral positioning of your hand and wrist. Check whether it supports the natural curve of your hand.

Buttons & Wheel: Make sure the mouse wheel and buttons response to a light touch. Without pressing hard you should be able to click and roll. The buttons should not spread out too far apart or cramp your fingers. A mouse with a "drag lock" or "click lock" function will be a better option.

Trackball or Optical: A trackball mouse uses a rolling ball that lets you move the cursor. As you don't have to constantly push it back and forth, it minimizes your hand pain. Due to its huge learning curve, it can be a good choice for the beginners. However, an optical mouse will be the wisest selection in this computer age. Optical or laser mouse is a better alternative to the traditional one. It comes as compact and with better performance.

Wired or Wireless: Many years back, the computer mouse was connected through serial ports. But, today most of them are connected via USB cable. It offers a faster connection, and means the pointer moves and works faster. A wired mouse is cheaper and requires no battery. A wireless mouse is an advance alternative that works fine and clears up your workspace. It works as like as a remote control, without any messy cord. However, everyone has their own preferences. So, choose the one that suits your work with ease.

Performance: This is the most essential thing that everyone looks for. Many of us need a mouse that is more responsive. Especially, gamers would like to have one that is more sensitive and responsive. The performance depends upon some key aspects such as the battery life, response time, and accuracy. So, choose the one according to your need.

Finally, choosing the perfect mouse isn't overwhelming when you know the benefits of each type. Thorough research is always recommended before buying any electronic device. Step into a trustable computer store to check and explore different types of mouse and their uses. You can also avail the web to find the best one for you. There are many good online stores that offer a wide array of computer mouse with a reasonable price tag.

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A Clear Picture Requires A Good VGA Cable

By Jason Smythson

Some things work so well that even the technology experts in the computer industry are hesitant to change them. The connection between a computer and a colour monitor has been the same for decades, and it looks like it could remain that way for a while longer. Even though higher definition monitors that require special cabling are becoming more prominent in the computer world, there is still plenty of room for the popular VGA cables that have been used for years. It is a technology that has been utilized by the people who require the clearest monitor images and it remains in use, even as the monitor connections continue to evolve.

A VGA cable is a 15-pin computer connection device that connects a computer monitor interface with the monitor itself. The 15-pin configuration has been in use for decades and most good VGA connections come with thumbscrews that allow you to secure the plug in place. The slightest movement by the monitor cable could cause the picture to flicker, change colour or even disappear. That is why it is important that people utilize those thumbscrews and secure the plug in place as strongly as possible.

One element of the VGA connection that people sometimes take for granted is the need for shielded cabling. When you work in a computer environment, or any area where there is a lot of technology in use, there is a tremendous amount of radio waves and other kinds of electronic interference that can affect the quality of a monitor image. That is why most businesses invest in shielded cables to help protect their monitor connections. As wireless Internet connections and electronic devices become more prevalent in the average home, it becomes a good idea for home-based computer users to invest in shielded VGA cabling as well.

Devices such as surveillance systems, medical monitors and mobile police computer systems still utilize VGA connections. These kinds of ports become useless when a user is trying to maximize the resolutions on the new high definition computer monitors. But just about every computer being made today still comes with the old reliable monitor ports, and that is unlikely to change any time soon. When you use a VGA connection to broadcast your computer images to a monitor, you should plan on using a shielded cable, and be sure to use those thumbscrews to secure the plug in place as well.
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