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A Clear Picture Requires A Good VGA Cable

By Jason Smythson

Some things work so well that even the technology experts in the computer industry are hesitant to change them. The connection between a computer and a colour monitor has been the same for decades, and it looks like it could remain that way for a while longer. Even though higher definition monitors that require special cabling are becoming more prominent in the computer world, there is still plenty of room for the popular VGA cables that have been used for years. It is a technology that has been utilized by the people who require the clearest monitor images and it remains in use, even as the monitor connections continue to evolve.

A VGA cable is a 15-pin computer connection device that connects a computer monitor interface with the monitor itself. The 15-pin configuration has been in use for decades and most good VGA connections come with thumbscrews that allow you to secure the plug in place. The slightest movement by the monitor cable could cause the picture to flicker, change colour or even disappear. That is why it is important that people utilize those thumbscrews and secure the plug in place as strongly as possible.

One element of the VGA connection that people sometimes take for granted is the need for shielded cabling. When you work in a computer environment, or any area where there is a lot of technology in use, there is a tremendous amount of radio waves and other kinds of electronic interference that can affect the quality of a monitor image. That is why most businesses invest in shielded cables to help protect their monitor connections. As wireless Internet connections and electronic devices become more prevalent in the average home, it becomes a good idea for home-based computer users to invest in shielded VGA cabling as well.

Devices such as surveillance systems, medical monitors and mobile police computer systems still utilize VGA connections. These kinds of ports become useless when a user is trying to maximize the resolutions on the new high definition computer monitors. But just about every computer being made today still comes with the old reliable monitor ports, and that is unlikely to change any time soon. When you use a VGA connection to broadcast your computer images to a monitor, you should plan on using a shielded cable, and be sure to use those thumbscrews to secure the plug in place as well.
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